7MinuteWorkout invest 50% of your Elite fees into a
professional ad campaign designed to make YOU money!

Global7 Minute WorkoutAs a 7-Minute Workout (7MW) Elite Syndicate Member, you will earn exactly 50%* of every direct referral who becomes an Elite Member, on top of all the other commissions! 7MW will pay you and use their mass buying power, industry contacts & online reputation to ensure that they get only the very best and most effective paid advertising offers available online.

7MW screen, select, design campaigns, purchase the ads and then pass the results onto you!

*IMPORTANT* If you become a standard affiliate and ignore this offer, you will miss out on Elite commissions from your referrals who upgrade. Those commissions will pass by you and be awarded to the next available Elite member in your upline. This "passup" is permanent and cannot be undone if you upgrade later so accept this offer now!

  • 7 FREE TRIAL Accounts to be managed by you!

    A FREE TRIAL OFFER is a valuable tool when recruiting members into the 7minuteworkout. As an Elite member, you will have 7 accounts to manage and distribute as you see fit. These accounts ARE FULLY TRANSFERABLE with no limits on how many times you transfer the membership. You own your own business so you can decide if you want to offer a free week, free month or whatever duration you choose.

    Value - $425 x 7 = $2975
  • Elite Syndicate Training Calls!

    Access to the exclusive top marketer interviews where 7MW will interview the top performing Elite Marketers within the program and share exactly what they are doing to make a fortune with 7minuteworkout. Each week will feature a different marketer and provide you with a source of non-stop ideas and promotions that work and have been applied to 7minuteworkout. Knowledge is power and more to the point, knowledge of fresh and effective money making strategies is a key element to your success!

    A value of over $995

An annual value of $3970, yours for just $97/mth

And until the program is full, exclusive entry into our "DONE FOR YOU" business building advertising campaign which includes:

  Professional Ad Copy (DONE FOR YOU)
  Mass Volume Ad Buys (DONE FOR YOU)
  List building and lead generation (DONE FOR YOU)
  Lead Management (DONE FOR YOU)
  Professionally written followup email series to leads (DONE FOR YOU)
  Closing on Sales (DONE FOR YOU)
  Sales Campaign Analysis (DONE FOR YOU)
  Campaign Optimization (DONE FOR YOU)

Ready to Start?

There are two reseller options, standard and Elite. Global recommends you upgrade to Elite status to benefit from Elite commissions.

Please note that Elite commission passes upline to the person above you if you choose not to upgrade. (Elite commission is just one of the 3 ways to earn from 7MW)

Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee on the $47 product fee and the $19.97 reseller fee. Elite fee cannot be refunded as it it used to buy advertising for you.

Questions about any aspects of the compensation plan? click here for all the answers

OK let's get going

Step 1.
Become a 7MW member: (your Global upline sponsor is 'Prelaunchmobile')
Click the get started button, this will take you to the corporate page, enter details, then
choose a username, then make your payment.

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Yes! Give me my 1 year membership, my 30 day money back guarantee and the option to upgrade to become a 100% commissioned reseller on product sales with my team!

Step 2.
Log in to your 7MW back office https://7minuteworkout.com/members/login.php
Click the 'Reseller Upgrade' button - $19.97/mth

Step 3.
Optional: Click the 'Elite Upgrade' button - $97/mth

Step 4.
Register your details in the form below to access the getting started page


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